Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inga Liaukoniene & David Voon(Canada)

Miss. Lizzie Gilks(England)

“After three months of such a blissful stay here, I find writing in the visitor book fairly in appropriate, as I have now been made to feel like part of the family!
From the moment I arrived back in January I have felt perfectly content and received such a warm welcome from this loving couple. I can remember my first impression of the place, such a beautiful house, such a comfortable room, clean very tidy and so homely!
I must say that I admire both of you, how you can welcome a complete stranger into your house, have to put up with me for three months and still be inviting me back in the near future – remarkable!
I don’t really know how to thank you – I am totally in awe of your unconditional compassion, happiness and hospitality.
There is so much that I am grateful for, but I would like to say a few thankyous.
To Mr. Mohanan (Uncle) – for your friendly chatting when I return tired from work, for your intriguing conversation and for still letting me back into the house too late at night!
To Dr. Beena (Aunty) – for treating me with so much love and compassion, for your unstinting, inspiration energy and for not letting me lift a finger to help you!
To Lucy – for everyday waking me up with a smile, for the most gorgeous cooking I have ever tasted and for your cheerful friendship – all my love to your family!
To Sobha & Prabha Govind – thank you for making me so welcome in your house, I enjoyed your visit so much! You are both such charming people and I wish you every success for the future. Now that I am leaving I feel so sad to go – I have become so accustomed to staying here that the following period so strange! I will really miss hearing the cuckoo at 5 AM!
Finally I must thank you for all the experiences you have given me and the friendships I have made here. I will not say goodbye, but see you soon, as I am certain that I will return to the city I am fond of and the place I find myself quite attached to.
All my best wishes for the future and please do keep in contact.

Mrs. Judith Bernard & Mr. Ronald Arthur Ford (Canada)

“Mr. Mohanan and Dr. Beena, you have made our stay in cochin very special. Your hospitality has been most generous. We have appreciated you sharing your evenings telling us about Kerala culture. The food has been a wonderful experience. The parts of Kerala that we have seen have been beautiful. Kerala will certainly be a place we will visit again”.

Mr. Goh Teng, Mrs. Goh Teng, Goh Francis Su – Ming(Australia)

"We arrived from Kollam to Cochin for the first time last night to the very welcoming home of Mr. Mohanan and Dr. Beena.
The home is very clean and comfortable with all it amenities.
The most striking experiences have been the warm hospitality,the kindness and the generosity of Mr. Mohanan.
He was very helpful in the planning of the tour of Cochin city and constantly rang to enquire if we were ok. We really appreciated his concerns.
As for our breakfast, I felt that the portions were very generous and we were thoroughly well fed for sure!
I would highly recommend anyone to spend at least a night here!
Thank you, Mr. Mohanan and Dr. Beena., if the opportunity arise, please come and see us in Australia.
From a very well-fed and grateful family”


“When I think of the kindness, warmth, hospitality and love and care showered on me during my stay here, all I can think or feel to do is to draw a heart to symbolize the care and loving kindness shown by Mr. Mohanan and Dr. Beena and by Lucy also. It has been a privilege to stay here.”

Dr. Namita Pudwal, Mr. Jitendra Pudwal (Mumbai)

“We came to Kerala first time. We came from Mumbai. We had not expected that our stay will be so delightful at house of Mr. Mohanan and Dr. Beena. We felt like we are at our home. The house is excellent for staying. Me and my family liked the house very much. When ever we will come to cochin we would like to stay at Mr. Mohanan’s house. Breakfast was good. We will also recommend to our friends and relatives who will visit cochin. We are thankful for the hospitality. Thanks.